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Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Software

"Using the Metriks platform has decreased our report writing time to almost zero.  Metriks is always there to give us support."

Chris Scoma, Results Physiotherapy


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Simple Pricing

Flexible plans with no surprises


$35 USD

No monthly minimum. Ideal for start-ups, if you have variable referrals, or large clinic chains that want to offer the service from all locations but not pay a monthly fee at each location.

Only pay when you have assessments.


$95 USD

Perform unlimited assessments. Ideal for people with consistent referrals. Pricing is per user/location. Switch to pay per assessment at any time. 

Perform unlimited assessments for one low fee.

Fast Simple Software

Built for the evaluator 

The Metriks FCE software platform automates the data collection and report writing process. The platform includes over 400 standardized testing forms. There are multiple report templates or we can create a custom template to meet your needs.

Our Functional Capacity Evaluation Software is simple to use and quickly generates your report. The system guides you in your determination of the client's level of effort. Using the Dictionary of Occupational Titles definitions the software compares the client's functional abilities to their job demands.  You can choose to perform a standard FCE, 2-day FCE or a shorter disability evaluaiton. There are also Post-Offer Pre-Employment, Office Ergonomic and Job Demands Analysis protocols.  

There are a variety of free stock report templates available built to meet the requirements of physicians, insurance carriers, lawyers and employers. We can also build custom templates to meet the needs of your local community .

Our FCE software is easy on the pocket book and simple to use.

Learn how the FCE software can help you.

Software Features

What can the software do for you.

How do I sign up?
You start with a free monthly trial
My referral source likes my current report format, can I use it with the Metriks platform?
Yes, we can create a template based on your report style.
Are the tests research based?
All the tests are based on published articles. The reports include a publication reference section.
Can I use the FCE equipment that I already own?
Yes, you can use your own equipment, but if you need equipment we offer low cost options in the Metriks store.
Fast FCE
  • You input the data. We do the calculations.
  • We build the data tables.
  • We automate the report paragraph writing.
  • You click a button.
  • Your completed report is ready for delivery.
Readable Reports
  • Concise summary pages.
  • Detailed narrative description.
  • Job match tables.
  • Research references.
Easy FCE
  • Protocol guides you through FCE.
  • Common observation check boxes.
  • On screen help
  • Help pictures and videos
Report Writing Help
  • Interpretation guides
  • Interpretation drop-down boxes.
  • Job match guides.
Effort tracking
  • Physical effort tracking.
  • Reliability of client reports tracking.
  • Auto-calculates pass/fail
  • Effort summary statement selector

Return to Work Recommendations
  • Level of participation
  • Activity tolerances and observations
  • Functional abilities summary
  • Job match comparison 
Intake Interview
  • Guided history taking forms
  • Standard intake forms
  • Dozens of psychometric forms
  • Automates report paragraphs
Job Demands Analysis
  • Material handling table
  • Non-material handling table
  • Calculates DOT catagories
  • Job Task Description form
Impairment testing
  • Full body range of motion testing
  • Full body manual muscle testing
  • AMA guides protocols and norms
Effort Testing
  • Hand and Pinch testing
  • Coefficient of variation calculations
  • Repeated test comparisons
  • Clinical observation comparisons
Non-Material Handling Testing
  • Reaching, bending, etc. compared to Industrial standards.
  • Repeated, and sustained testing options
  • Standard tests like Purdue, Minnesota 
  • DOT ability ratings
Material Handling Testing
  • Occasional and Frequent lifting tests
  • Full body Isometric lifting tests
  • Carry, push, and pull tests
  • DOT ability ratings
Data Summary
  • Cover page generator
  • Assessment summary generator
  • Level of participation generator
  • Job Match table generator

Hear from our customers

Nice things people say about us.


Chris Scoma

Nashville, TN

Using the Metriks platform has decreased our report writing time to almost zero...Metriks is always there to give us support

Laurrie Wallace, Physiotherapy Associates

Atlanta, GA

The folks at Metriks have been great to work with. Clearly understood my needs and quick to reply for any fixes needed. The software has greatly improved our efficiency."