FCE's in a box

What is an FCE in a box? 

An FCE in a box are the tools you need perform an assessment: An inclinometer, hand grip, functional cube, and push-pull force gauge. These tools will help you complete your FCE's

FCE in a box
Metriks FCE inclinometer


Determine if the client has an impairment by measuring full body range of motion.

Buy the Metriks Inclinometer.

Hand Grip

Determine if the client is giving reasonable physical effort by measuring 5-span hand grip strength.

Buy the Hand grip.

Functional Cube

Determine the client's DOT level of ability to perform reaching, bending, crouching, kneeling and twisting.

Buy the Metriks Functional Cube.

Push-Pull Force Gauge

Determine the client's DOT level of strength to perform pushing and pulling.

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What other equipment do I need?

  1. Lift box (milk crate will work)
  2. Ladder pictured here)
  3. Weights (any known weights)
  4. Heart Rate monitor
  5. DIY isometric lift base: A piece of plywood with some non-slip tape and a d-ring

Portable push/pull ideas

Training Sled

Portable weight ideas

Adjustable kettle bell