Tis the season for Professional Development! (Special Offer)

Tis the season for Professional Development! (Special Offer)

This pandemic holiday season may be little light on the festivities, but it provides the perfect opportunity to complete the professional development you've been too busy to get to.  

Why not use your extra time this season to complete self-paced courses to further your knowledge on the brain and body?

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We recommend:


  1. The BrainFx Neurofunctional approach to cognitive care, early detection and developing more targeted treatment. This will cover


  • What the neurofunctional approach is, how it helps with earlier or milder detection and more targeted treatment planning, and how to incorporate it into your practice to enhance your level of client care
  • The current state of cognitive assessments and the areas of gap that traditional methods can miss
  • How to combine the neurofunctional approach with technology to address these opportunities in your practice.
  • Administration of the entire suite of BrainFx Assessments: BrainFx SCREEN, BrainFx Virtual (VCAx), and BrainFx 360;
  • And more!
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Get Certified in the Neurofunctional Approach


  1. Metriks Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Certification:


The course is divided into 8 sections, each section has an online lecture component with a variety of slides, videos, and readings. When applicable the section includes a workbook and lecture notes. Each section has an emphasis on data interpretation. The 8 sections are: Introduction to the FCE, The intake interview, The intake documents, Impairment Testing, Effort testing, Non-Material handling testing, and Material Handling.


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Get FCE Certification


Pros of completing these courses:


Broaden your cognitive care and functional capacity evaluation skill set
A certificate is issued upon completion
You are certified for life!  No re-certification needed.
Lifetime access to promotional material to help you spread the news of your new certification to your clients and peers
Access to resources that assist with clinical interpretation, report writing and treatment planning
Complete wherever and whenever you choose 

Affordable and rewarding

Give yourself the gift of knowledge and start the new year better than ever.  

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