How does Metriks make FCE easy?

1. Our short FCE certification training teaches you how to perform an FCE.

2. Complete the the FCE test with our easy to use FCE tools.

3. Our easy FCE software creates the FCE reports.

We’re on a mission to equip healthcare professionals with the tools to measure and track a patient's rehabilitation progress.

From our mission to the way we work with our clinical network, our values guide everything we do.

Safety. The tests should not be expected to lead to injury.

Reliability. The measures from the tests should produce consistent results.

Validity. The tests measure what they were intended to measure. Practicality. The time and cost involved in the design, administration, interpretation and reporting of tests should be reasonable.

Utility. The results outlined in the reports should be comprehensible to non-medical readers and the results should provide useful information for all stakeholders.







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