CPOHE at Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

Last night at the University College Dublin (UCD) in Dublin, Kevin, Founder of Metriks Education, attended a panel discussion at UCD in Dublin. The focus of this panel discussion was towards Functional Capacity Evaluations. Thank you to all the expertise involved in this panel discussion. @University College Dublin, @Carol Deasy @Robin Pickard and @Caitriona Cunningham.


It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm from the diverse expertise in the field. Which added an extra layer of significance to this event,  the genuinely international composition of our panel! The experts in the field shared their insights, experiences and expertise. It was a global collaboration of unparalleled magnitude. 

If the discussion interested you on the path to becoming and functional capacity evaluator, more exciting plans are in development to help your journey! 

Thank you for organizing this collaborative events and hoping to continue to grow, learn and be apart of the change in healthcare globally. 




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