FCE in a box. Functional Capacity Evaluation tools

FCE in a Box

The tools you need for a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE).

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FCE in a Box

All the tools you need to complete and FCE

FCE in a Box contents

Hand Dynamometer

The Baseline hydraulic hand dynamometer measures in kilograms and pounds of force.

Pinch Dynamometer

Finger Goniometer

Digital Goniometer

Digital Inclinometer

Digital Force Gauge

Functional Work Platforms

Two(2) work platforms

21 fine dexterity pegs with butterfly nuts

21 handling pegs

FCE in a Box: Comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation Kit | Metriks Education

the tools

Hand Dynamometer

Hand Dynamometer


Hand dynamometer

Pinch Dynamometer

Pinch dynamometer

Finger Goniometer


finger goniometer

Digital Goniometer

digital goniometer




Digital Inclinometer

digital inclinometer

Push and Pull Force Gauge


Push pull force gauge case

Force Gauge: Push


Force gauge push

Force Gauge: Pull

Force gauge pull

Work Platform Kit


Work platform kit

Work Platform: Parts


work platform parts


Work Platform: Set up options


work platform set up options


Work Platform: Testing ideas


Work platform testing ideas


Lifting ideasbuy now

Additional Products we recommend that you can buy on Amazon:

These items are not included with the FCE in a box kit.

Lift box : Search Milk Crate
Ladder: Search Telescoping ladder 8.5 feet
Weight: Search Adjustable heavy duty kettlebell weight
Heart Rate monitor: Search Finger Pulse Oximeter
Push/ Pull cart: Search Rolling system tool box

    Why I really like the Husky Rolling System tool box?

     Huskey tool box


    I can carry all the tools an inclinometer, hand grip, functional shelf, and push-pull force gauge. 

    Combining it with the functional shelf, I can do floor to waist lifting or dexterity testing at waist level

    waist reach

    lift box

    The middle section can be used as a lift box.

    The lift box has a lid and handle for 1-hand carry testing.

    one hand carry

    Why I really like this ladder?


    Can be set up with to perform lifting. e.g. Waist to Shoulder


    Can be set up with to perform non-material handling testing. e.g. Crouch/Squat

    Can be set up with to 2-point reaching. e.g. Reach from waist to shoulder

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    FCE in a Box: Your Complete Functional Capacity Evaluation Kit

    Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) are crucial for assessing an individual's physical capabilities and limitations. At Metriks Education, we simplify the process with our "FCE in a Box," a comprehensive kit that includes everything you need to perform thorough and accurate evaluations. Here’s why our FCE in a Box is the ultimate solution for your evaluation needs:

    What's Included in the FCE in a Box?

    1. Comprehensive Assessment Tools: Our kit includes all the essential tools required for conducting a full range of physical tests. From grip strength dynamometers to range of motion measurement devices, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

    2. Standardized Test Protocols: Each FCE in a Box comes with detailed, standardized test protocols to ensure consistency and accuracy in your evaluations. These protocols are designed based on industry best practices and are easy to follow.

    3. Detailed Instruction Manual: The kit includes a comprehensive instruction manual that guides you through the entire FCE process. Whether you are new to FCE or an experienced evaluator, the manual provides valuable insights and step-by-step instructions.

    4. Data Recording and Reporting Templates: To help you efficiently record and report your findings, we provide customizable templates. These templates are designed to streamline the documentation process, ensuring you capture all necessary information clearly and concisely.

    5. Access to Online Resources: Purchasing the FCE in a Box gives you access to our online resource library, which includes video tutorials, webinars, and additional reading materials. Stay updated with the latest advancements and techniques in FCE.

    6. Ongoing Support: At Metriks Education, we are committed to your success. Our team is available to provide ongoing support and answer any questions you may have about using the FCE in a Box. We offer technical support, training assistance, and professional guidance.

    Benefits of Using FCE in a Box:

    1. Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in the FCE in a Box is a cost-effective way to equip yourself with all the necessary tools for conducting FCEs. It eliminates the need to purchase each component separately, saving you time and money.

    2. Portability and Convenience: The FCE in a Box is designed for portability, making it easy to transport between different locations. Conduct evaluations in various settings without the hassle of transporting bulky equipment.

    3. Consistency and Accuracy: Using standardized tools and protocols ensures consistency and accuracy in your evaluations. This reliability is essential for making informed decisions about an individual's functional capabilities.

    4. Professional Credibility: Conducting FCEs with a well-organized and comprehensive kit enhances your professional credibility. Demonstrate your commitment to high-quality assessments with the FCE in a Box.

    5. Enhanced Client Outcomes: With accurate and detailed evaluations, you can develop better-informed rehabilitation and return-to-work plans. This leads to improved outcomes for your clients, supporting their recovery and return to normal activities.

    Who Can Benefit from FCE in a Box?

    • Healthcare Professionals: Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other healthcare providers can benefit from the comprehensive tools and resources included in the FCE in a Box.

    • Rehabilitation Centers: Equip your rehabilitation center with a complete FCE kit to provide thorough assessments and tailored rehabilitation plans for your patients.

    • Employers and HR Departments: Use the FCE in a Box to assess employees' fitness for duty, inform return-to-work decisions, and ensure workplace safety.

    • Insurance Companies: Leverage accurate and standardized evaluations to support claims assessments and disability determinations.

    Order Your FCE in a Box Today:

    Equip yourself with the tools and resources needed for effective Functional Capacity Evaluations. Order the FCE in a Box from Metriks Education and elevate the quality of your assessments. For more information and to place your order, visit our FCE in a Box page.

    Invest in the FCE in a Box and enhance your ability to provide accurate, reliable, and comprehensive functional capacity evaluations.