What is an FCE in a box

An FCE in a box are the tools you need to perform an assessment: An inclinometer, hand grip  functional shelf, and push-pull force gauge. These tools will help you complete your FCE's

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Digital Inclinometer

Metriks Digital Inclinometer is used determine if the client has an impairment. This can be done measuring a clients full body range of motion (ROM). 

3-Piece Hand kit

Metriks Hand grip is a type of instrument used to determine if the client is giving reasonable physical effort by measuring 5-span hand grip strength.

3-piece hand

Functional Shelf

Determine the client's DOT level of ability to perform reaching, bending, crouching, kneeling and twisting.

Force Gauge (Push & Pull)

Metriks Force Gauge is an instruments that accurately determine the client's DOT level of strength to perform tasks that involve pushing and pulling.

Floor to Waist

What other equipment do I need?

  1. Lift box (milk crate will work)

  2. Ladder 

  3. Weights (any known weights)

  4. Heart Rate monitor

  5. Push/ Pull cart (pictured here)

Why I really like this tool box?


Huskey tool box


I can carry all the tools an inclinometer, hand grip, functional shelf, and push-pull force gauge. 

Combining it with the functional shelf, I can do floor to waist lifting or dexterity testing at waist level

waist reach

lift box

The middle section can be used as a lift box.

The lift box has a lid and handle for 1-hand carry testing.

one hand carry

Why I really like this ladder?

Can be set up with to perform lifting. e.g. Waist to Shoulder


Can be set up with to perform non-material handling testing. e.g. Crouch/Squat

Can be set up with to 2-point reaching. e.g. Reach from waist to shoulder




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