Job Demand Analysis (JDA) & FCE Test: Understanding the Connection

Job Demand Analysis (JDA) & FCE Test: Understanding the Connection


What is Jobs Demand Analysis? 

Job demand analysis or Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) is a report conducted to quantify and evaluate the physical demands required for a given task. It evaluates both essential and non-essential aspects of a job and ensures that it is compliant with the law. This analysis plays a vital role in Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) as well.

Metriks Software

The Metriks software will provide you with all the knowledge required to complete a job demands analysis and conduct a functional capacity evaluation. Metriks offers several downloadable templates in the course that can be used to perform a JDA. The software includes applications to conduct the assessments. It is an efficient, easy-to-fill, online service that automatically generates a complete report.

Role and Application 

A JDA can be used in various settings such as determining rehabilitation goals, functional capacity evaluations, or physicians setting restrictions after an injury. In this course, the focus will be predominantly on examining a worker's abilities to perform a given task.

Information Use

Claim settlement: Assist in determining if an injury is work-related and support FCE test results.

Accommodation: Effectively accommodate workers based on their functional capacity evaluator's recommendations.

Education: Educate health care practitioners on the type of tasks their patients may perform and the importance of FCEs.

Prevention: Determining hazards can lead to further investigations and prevention through functional capacity evaluations.



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