JDA (Job Demand Analysis)


What is Jobs Demand Analysis? 

Job demand analysis or Physical demands analysis is a report conducted to quantify an evaluation the physical demands required for a give task. It evaluates both essential and non-essential aspects of a job and ensures that it is compliant with the law. 

Metriks Software

The Metriks software will provide you with all the knowledge required to complete a job demands analysis. Metriks provides several downloadable templates in the course that can be downloaded to conduct a JDA. The software includes applications to conduct the assessments. It is an efficient, easy-to-fill, online services that automatically generates a complete report. 

Role and Application 

A JDA can be used in various settings such as determining rehabilitation goals or physicians setting restrictions after an injury. In this course, the focus will be predominately on examining a workers work abilities to perform a given task. 

Information Use

Claim settlement: Assist in determining if an injury is work-related. 

Accommodation: Effectively accommodate workers based off their practitioners recommendations. 

Education: Educate health care practitioners on the type of tasks their patients may perform. 

Prevention: Determining hazards can lead to further investigations and prevention. 

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