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Inclinometers are instruments used to measure the angle of a subject with respect to a level or gravity. In medical or clinical applications, an inclinometer determines an individual’s range of motion (ROM). The range of motion measured is referenced from the the body's natural position. The flexion angle or extension angle of the body segments or joint under evaluation is measured in degrees.

Benefits of the Digital Inclinometer

  • Comfortable with an Easy-to-use, modernized and portable tool that can provide services with confidence.
  • Learn how to use the Digital Inclinometer with our step-to-step tutorials and Instructions manuals, where Metriks created an in-depth descriptions of how to use the Tool.
  • See accurate and reliable results to impairment and range of motion testings. Metriks offers a research-based experimented and high-quality equipment.
  • Learn more about Impairment and range of motion testings with courses provided by Metriks.

We will provide you with an accurate, reliable, research-based Digital Inclinometer device that will help you with your needs.

Metriks provides courses, training and tutorials to walk you through how to assemble and use the Digital Inclinometer.

Along with the purchase of Metriks Courses, we will provide you FREE access to the Metriks Education Software for educational purposes.


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