FCE Certification course on SALE for 30% OFF

FCE Certification course on SALE for 30% OFF


The FCE Certification Course is on SALE for 30% OFF!

30% discount for On-Demand FCE certification! Sale
ends 30 April 2022, Discount code = CERT30

The Metriks Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
certification is a course on the proper design,
administration, and interpretation of FCEs. This course
will teach the student how to conduct the four major
components of an FCE: Intake Interview, clinical
records review, physical examination and content valid
functional testing. The content of this material will
follow the American Physical Therapy Association’s
FCE Best Practices Guideline.

All the Lecture material and How-to-Videos in the FCE
Asynchronous course is pre recorded. The information
and course material will be available to access on your
own convenient time.

You can either complete all 10 hours at once or break
it out over a period of time. You can email any
questions that you may have regarding course material
throughout your progression through the FCE Course
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