Functional Shelf
Functional Shelf
Functional Shelf
Functional Shelf
Functional Shelf
Functional Shelf
Functional Shelf
Metriks Education Inc.

Functional Shelf

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The Metriks Functional Shelf is a portable, flexible and inexpensive tool for measuring Non-Material Handling. The Metriks Functional Shelf involves equipment that is used to test Reaching, Dexterity and Mobility. All test results are compared to the Industrial Standard (the average time it take the average worker to perform an activity). All scores are rated with respect to Occasional Frequent or Constant categories.

Non-Material Handling involves tasks in which individuals maneuver independent of other objects. There are many examples of non-material handling assessments. Few are listed as: reaching, bending, kneeling, sitting, standing, walking, balancing, climbing, handling, crouching, twisting, crawling and several more. This FCE assessment is measured to determine whether the subject is capable of reaching standards to obtain physical demands or specific job functions.

The functional shelf by Metriks, is an excellent piece of equipment to ensure that all assessments are performed efficiently, effectively and accurately. 

What does the Functional Shelf come with?

The Metriks functional shelf comes with 20 small pinch grip pegs, 12 small round head pegs and a container for the pegs to be placed.   

The telescopic extension ladder is NOT included in the functional shelf package. Information to purchase the ladder is placed in the link below under the category "Related Products."

What can be measured with the shelf?

Metriks functional shelf measures non-material handling assessments as explained above. Some examples of these non-material handling assessments are  overhead and forward reaching, handling and fingering. 

The video below displays a variety of assessments that can be performed using the Functional shelf and the small pinch, small rounded head pegs and ladder. 

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Ladder used for the functional shelf


Examples of the FCE Assessments being performed with the telescopic extension ladder are displayed in the images below: 

Floor to Shoulder Lift 
Bilateral Dexterity 

The telescopic extension ladder can be purchased on 

The telescopic ladder is a 9.5ft extension ladder, with a load capacity of 330 pounds. The ladder weighs 15.2 pounds and is portable. The ladder can be stores in a confined spaced freely. The ladder is eco-friendly and made of aluminium alloy. 

Alternative ideas for Metriks Functional shelf


The wire shelf can be purchased on amazon

The wire shelf includes a large capacity of space to perform a variety of FCE/JDA assessments. Examples of Assessments performed with the wired shelving are displayed below: 

  Waist to shoulder Lift 


Floor to waist Lift.


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