Force Gauge (Push & Pull)
Force Gauge (Push & Pull)
Force Gauge (Push & Pull)
Force Gauge (Push & Pull)
Force Gauge (Push & Pull)
Force Gauge (Push & Pull)
Force Gauge (Push & Pull)
Force Gauge (Push & Pull)
Force Gauge (Push & Pull)
Metriks Education Inc.

Force Gauge (Push & Pull)

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Metriks Educations Force Gauge is an instruments used in a Functional Capacity Evaluation to measure physical efforts during push and pull assessments. It is the LIGHTEST force gauge made. Metriks Force gauge can test up to 300KgF. Readings the display peak tension and compression readings, are reliably captured to 0.1KgF accuracy. 

With this Force gauge, you can test push and pull strength up to 300KgF. Thus, making Job tasks analysis, functional capacity evaluations and ergonomic analysis simple, accurate and ideal for workplace designs and strength assessments. 

What is the included in the package? 

The package includes a Push/pull handle insert, Battery - Two AAA Batteries, Push Attachment and Control Buttons. 

1. The On/off Button - Click this to turn the unit on or off, the screen will display “8888”, the scale becomes initialization status. The display flashes 3 times and shows “0.0”, the scale could be used at this time. The scale will be off without any operation or weights changed in 120 seconds.
2. The Hold/Mode button on the device is used to see the current score on the device and to change the measurements from pounds to kilograms or Kilograms to pounds.
3. The Zero button on the Force Gauge will reset the force gauge into to zero. 

The push and pull handles can be screwed into the unit for push pull testings. 

The push pull handle insert is where the push and pull handles will be inserted into. 

The push attachment is used to performed push tests. It can either be the push pad or the snap hook that is used for particular assessments.

What can the force Gauge be used for? 

The Metriks push pull force gauge can be used in a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) for physical effort and push/pull testing. Physical demands analysis testings include floor, waist, shoulder, horizontal shoulder, push and pull strength testing. 

The video below displays a variety of assessments performed using the force gauge: 

    Why is the Metriks Force Gauge Unique? 

    The Metriks FCE Push Pull force gauge is light, portable and easy to uses. It maintains the highest standards of accuracy, repeatability and reliability.The unit comes complete with push/ pull handle,  push pads, and  pull hook. All units are CE certified and come with a 5-year warranty.The force gauge can be used with the isometric lift base to conduct isometric lift tests.



    Customer Reviews about the Product

    July 21, 2018: “I have been performing Functional Capacity Evaluations for over 20 years and am very impressed with the Metriks FCE Push/Pull Force Gauge. It is very light so an injured and weak client is more able to hold it when performing static testing. In addition, it is compact and fits neatly in my equipment case, thereby saving space and transfer time.” Luigi Grimaldi, R. Kin. 11092


    Do you need other FCE equipment?

    Check out the FCE in a box page.


    The Metriks Force Gauge is a tool that helps clinicians, physicians and FCE test administrators who are assessing clients that are being tested on push and pull strength testings. It is a product that can be used for a variety of assessments: Functional Capacity Evaluation, job task analysis, ergonomic analysis, workplace design, strength assessment and ergonomic studies. 


    Metriks Force Gauge is an accurate and reliable source for isometric strength testing results during assessments. We will provide you with a manual and valuable information on how to set-up and use the instrument.



    We will provide you with an accurate, reliable, research-based Force Gauge device that will help you with your needs. Metriks provides courses, training and tutorials to walk you through how to assemble and use the Force Gauge. 

    Along with the purchase of Metriks Courses, we will provide you FREE access to the Metriks Education Software for educational purposes. 


    Why you should you buy Metriks Products:

    • Our products are modernized
    • Metriks Products are Easy-to-Use.
    • Portable 
    • Metriks Provides Structured Courses and Training 
    • Tutorial Videos on How Assemble and Set-up equipment. 
    • Efficient and effective 
    • Downloadable Manual and referral sources
    • 30 Day Return Guarantee




    If you have purchased the Metriks Force Gauge, but was not satisfied with the product. We have a 30 day return policy and the customer needs to ensure that the equipment is the same conditions that it was received, unworn and unused, with tags and its original packaging. The receipt is needed for proof of purchase.

    We will offer suggestions AND happily refund the Force Gauge. Our mission is to bring value and success to you and your clients using our Products.

    Emails us at, tell us about your experience with our Metriks equipment and asks us to us to connect with you process the refund. 



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