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Force Gauge (Push & Pull)

Force Gauge (Push & Pull)

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This force gauge is an ideal tool for rehabilitation professionals conducting Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE). Specifically designed to measure force during an FCE Test, it is a reliable and accurate way to provide clients with an objective evaluation of their capabilities.

A functional capacity evaluator can measure forces up to 300 kgF with this versatile tool. Ideal for measuring push and pull force, it can also be used for full body isometric strength measures. Visit our Functional Capacity Evaluation training page to learn how to become a certified Functional Capacity Evaluator.

This tool can be used to perform measures during a job demands analysis. Measure how much force it takes to pull a gas hose at minus 40 degrees. 

Visit our Job Demands Analysis page to learn how to be a certified in Job Demands Analysis.

What is included?

1. The force gauge with the permanent handles.

2. Pull hook and strap.

3. Push pad

4. Travel case with foam cut outs

 USED Demo Model Sale

These models were used in the research and design of the latest version of the Metriks Force Gauge.  Now they are available for purchase.

But there are only a few available.

Buy yours today.

Five force gauges

 We wanted a better handle and a more stable push experience. We tested foam grips, rubber grips, plumbers tape, golf grips, and tennis wrap. Ultimately the bike handle grips were our favorite, but there are so many choices!

So we pushed...


We pulled (up to 392 lbs in this example).

Video of force gauge pull up

We had some fun.

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