KIN 688: Business: Winter 2024

Throughout the term, students developed a comprehensive business from conception to execution. This entailed crafting TWO compelling pitch decks suitable for securing financing and using in business meetings. Additionally, students constructed fully operational websites to establish their online presence. To ensure sustained success, they formulated a detailed business plan to guide ongoing operations. They also developed a social marketing campaign.

What we did in the early days...

Then we created Mission and Vision statements



We look to provide diverse sports programming for youth in a competitive and diverse multi-sports league


To see all youth engaging in a wide variety of sports that allow them to expand their skills and grow as athletes



To connect individuals to the health care services they need in the Waterloo region.


To see all people in Canada have easy access to health care services in pursuit of ending societal health disparities.



Our mission is to be the driving force behind connecting clubs to players through meaningful community and school interactions. We aspire to create a multitude of opportunities for youth to discover, learn, and develop a passion for sports.


To create a world where every player has seamless access to a diverse range of sports clubs, and sports clubs thrive with an abundance of passionate players. We aspire to be the catalyst for this vision, connecting clubs and players through innovative solutions that foster community unity, skill development, and a lifelong love for the game.



Inspire a love for knowledge through virtual science labs that bridge the gap between exploration and accessibility.


Envisioning a world where every child embraces the wonders of science.

We sought to deeply understand our customers. We crafted ideal customer profiles.

Ideal customer

Problem and Solution

Problem: 70% of kids under 13 stop playing sports due to burnout.

Solution: Create a multi-sport league.

Ideal Customer

Problem and Solution

Problem: Every year coach run youth sports clubs new players, but coaches aren't good recruiters.

Solution: A marketing firm that focuses on youth sports club.

Ideal Customer

Problem and Solution

Problem: Not enough kids develop a lifetime interest in Science.

Solution: Virtual reality science labs that make learning fun.

Ideal Customer

Problem and Solution

Problem: A lack of awareness about available health resources in low-income communities is contributing to ongoing health disparities in society.

Solution: Establish an organization focused on
identifying healthcare services in a city and actively engaging with low-income residents to understand their needs.

The websites:

Each business built their own websites to fully describe their products and services.

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Pitch Day!

We set-up in a special room, we had prizes, we had judge, we had an audience and we celebrated our hard work.

Our pitch day judges

BounceConnect Pitch

SportSation Pitch day

CyberScience Pitch

HealthHub pitch

Jenna, Kevin, Connor

Changing the way youth play sport.

At SportSation, we are just as passionate about sport as you are. That's why we offer a unique, flexible, and affordable multi-sport experience to better develop young athletes.

Brandon, Kevin, Cassie

The only way to connect.

BounceConnect's marketing strategy makes it possible to run a youth sports club without worrying about recruitment.

Siyavash, Kevin, Alyssa

Changing the way we teach science.

By offering a variety of customizable Virtual Reality science labs that no one else can. CyberScience makes it possible to teach science, so that learning can be exciting.

Melanie, Kevin, Katrina

Take the headache out of accessing healthcare

We know that accessing health care is complicated, but it doesn't have to be. With personalized approach to target all your unique needs, HealthHub makes it simpler than ever to access the health care your need.


Each week we used a describe, interpret, evaluate, plan model to reflect on what we learned.