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the tools

Hand Dynamometer

Hand Dynamometer


Hand dynamometer

Pinch Dynamometer

Pinch dynamometer

Finger Goniometer


finger goniometer

Digital Goniometer

digital goniometer




Digital Inclinometer

digital inclinometer

Push and Pull Force Gauge


Push pull force gauge case

Force Gauge: Push


Force gauge push

Force Gauge: Pull

Force gauge pull

Work Platform Kit


Work platform kit

Work Platform: Parts


work platform parts


Work Platform: Set up options


work platform set up options


Work Platform: Testing ideas


Work platform testing ideas


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Additional Products we recommend that you can buy on Amazon:

These items are not included with the FCE in a box kit.

Lift box : Search Milk Crate
Ladder: Search Telescoping ladder 8.5 feet
Weight: Search Adjustable heavy duty kettlebell weight
Heart Rate monitor: Search Finger Pulse Oximeter
Push/ Pull cart: Search Rolling system tool box

    Why I really like the Husky Rolling System tool box?

     Huskey tool box


    I can carry all the tools an inclinometer, hand grip, functional shelf, and push-pull force gauge. 

    Combining it with the functional shelf, I can do floor to waist lifting or dexterity testing at waist level

    waist reach

    lift box

    The middle section can be used as a lift box.

    The lift box has a lid and handle for 1-hand carry testing.

    one hand carry

    Why I really like this ladder?


    Can be set up with to perform lifting. e.g. Waist to Shoulder


    Can be set up with to perform non-material handling testing. e.g. Crouch/Squat

    Can be set up with to 2-point reaching. e.g. Reach from waist to shoulder

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