Metriks Digital Inclinometer

Metriks Digital Inclinometer

Metriks Digital Inclinometer was used in Manchester training 2022.

Inclinometers measure angles. An inclinometer can be used for joint angle measurement to determines an individual’s range of motion (ROM). The angle is measured in degrees.

We will provide a device that will last you for a long duration of time that is research-based, simple-to-use, portable, pocket-size and accurate to the nearest 0.1 degrees. This is your chance to modernized your equipments and provide you clients the best and simples service!

Buying the Metriks Digital Inclinometer, you will:

  • Get comfortable with an Easy-to-use, modernized and portable tool that can provide services with confidence.
  • Learn how to use the Digital Inclinometer with our step-to-step tutorials and Instructions manuals, where Metriks created an in-depth descriptions of how to use the Tool.
  • See accurate and reliable results to impairment and range of motion testings. Metriks offers a research-based experimented and high-quality equipment.
  • Learn more about Impairment and range of motion testings with courses provided by Metriks.



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