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The Metriks Rehabilitation Assessment Management (RAM) software automates the data collection and report writing for functional assessments, including Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Under the guidance of industry-expert Kevin Cairns, Metriks designs and manufactures innovative tools used to perform FCE assessments, complemented by our continuing education assessment lecture series. Our RAM software is the next leap forward: the culmination of a vision to create flexible technology that responds to changing demands. Our software is powered by features that include intuitive data entry and click boxes for clinical observations. Accurate report writing is made easy with split screen editing, automatic data calculations, physical demands comparisons, table creation, and report generation at the click of a button.

Includes over 400 tests

Full body range motion, following AMA guides. Dexterity and mobility based on MTM norms. Lifting based on NIOSH and PILE. Other tests include Purdue, Minnesota and Hand tool dexterity.
Includes over 400 tests

Exports into MS Word

Data collected during the assessment is processed and displayed using your choice of report templates. Reports can then be printed to a PDF document, or exported in MS Word.
Exports into MS Word

Inexpensive tools

Tests work with commonly available measurement instruments.
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New Features

Repeat a test

Want to repeat a test in the same assessment? Want to do a 2 day FCE? Want to monitor a patient’s progress through a treatment program?┬áCheck out the ADD instance feature.

New group boxes

Looking for more information about your test scores? Check out the new group boxes: There is a consistency of effort box, Job Match Comparison, Comparison to other tests.

New tables

Want more information about your test results? Check out our new tables: Hand grip table, Posture table, Posture Summary Table, Sincerity of Effort Table. SOE summary table.

Multiple stock templates

The software includes 1 day general, 1 day job specific, 2 day general, and 2 day specific templates.

Custom templates

Custom templates can be created to include your company logo and report format styles.


Multiple stock protocols

The software includes 1 day general, 1 day job specific, 2 day general, and 2 day specific protocols.

Custom protocols

Custom protocols can be created to match the requirements of the employer, physician, insurance carrier or other referral source.

Cloud based application

The cloud based application provides easy access to information. Application can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection. You are always using the most recent software version.

Local application

The RAMDesk application allows for data collection when no internet connection is available.

Data collection

  • Customizable pick statements.
  • Sit and stand timer
  • Observation pick statements
  • Observed limitation ratings
  • Frequency ratings

Help files include how to videos.